Rational & Objectives

Rational & Objectives

Cultural Awareness & Social Skills are essential in the Tourism and Hospitality sector.
Appropriate behaviour in one culture can often be seen as inappropriate in another.

CULTURAL AWARENESS is the foundation of communication. It involves the ability to stand back from ourselves and become aware of our cultural values, beliefs and perceptions. Personal, inter-personal and inter-cultural competence covers those behaviours that equip individuals to participate effectively and constructively in social and working life. Cultural awareness is vital when we have to interact with people from other cultures, since people see, interpret and evaluate things in a different way. 

On the other hand, SOCIAL SKILLS are those abilities that we need to have to be effective in our surroundings and include co-operating with other people, interacting with them and building effective relationships. Social skills include the ability to communicate constructively in different environments, to show tolerance, express and understand different viewpoints, to negotiate with the ability to create confidence, and to feel empathy.

The aim of the CS.Tour project is to develop innovative methods and to provide real opportunities for those already working in or considering a career in the Tourism & Hospitality Industry, to Learn and Certify Social Competence and Cultural awareness in relation to the following two European Reference Framework (ERF)* Key Competences (KC):

  • KC No 6 : “Social & Civic Competence”,
  • KC No 8: “Cultural Awareness & Expression”

* What is the ERF?
The European Parliament and the Council of 18.12.2006 recommended a European Framework for Key Competences for Lifelong Learning. This European Reference Framework (ERF) identifies and defines for the first time the 8 Key Competences (KC) that citizens require for their personal fulfillment, active citizenship and employability and need to be instilled at all stages of education and training. Several types of trainings will be developed within the project activities covering all the required knowledge, skills and attitudes for trainers and people involved in tourism sector. 

The CS.Tour consortium will develop, for the Cultural Awareness & Social Key Competences in Tourism & Hospitality, the following:

  1. A Training Needs Analysis for identifying barriers and requirements in the Tourism & Hospitality Sector
  2. A Modular Training curriculum  including a :
    Methodological Guide and Toolkit for trainers
    Trainees Syllabus
    Open e-platform with learning resources
  3. An accredited Level 4-5 qualification for Cultural Awareness & Social Skills in Tourism (ERF)