Intellectual Outputs

O6 - Accreditation Scheme for Certifying KCs 6 and 8 according to EQF level 4-5

The accreditation scheme has been developed by the CS.Tour partner ACTA for the certification of skills, knowledge and attitudes of the Social competences and Cultural Awareness and Expression. The development of the accreditation scheme follows the ISO/IEC 17024:2003 standard. This international standard specifies requirements for a body certifying persons against specific requirements, including the development of a certification scheme for persons.

The overall accreditation scheme is in correspondence with the CS.Tour Curriculum, Trainer's methodological guide & toolkit and Trainees Syllabus, completing the whole package for KCs 6 & 8.

It includes 268 Questions and Answers. The pool of the testing questions (30 in total) cover the entire trainees’ syllabus and the training material in terms of the pre-defined knowledge, skills and attitudes described in the developed curricula.

The CS.Tour certification process took place in Greece and Cyprus in December 2017 and January 2018.