Intellectual Outputs

O4 – Trainees Syllabus for KCs 6 and 8

 The CS.Tour trainees’ syllabus is an educational material for the development of professionals in the tourism and hospitality industry. It gives the opportunity to everyone who wants to be trained and certified in Social skills and Cultural Awareness.  The trainees’ syllabus consists of five (5) modules:

A.                  Culture in Intercultural Communication,

B.                  Emotional Intelligence in Intercultural Environments,

C.                  Culture and Cultural Awareness

D.                  Cultural Diversity and

E.                   Digitization and Tourism

The trainees Syllabus is an innovative training material in terms of its content. It supports the participants to develop core skills including the ability to communicate constructively in multicultural environments and to develop cultural knowledge about national and European cultural heritage, cultural skills related to both appreciation and expression and cultural attitude towards the respect of cultural diversity.

The trainees Syllabus is available in Greek language